Bye bye Wholly Roller

Y’all, I think it’s time for me┬áto (officially) say farewell. It was a tough decision, but ultimately, I decided it needed to be done. I let the domain expire and decided not to renew it because I just don’t have the time to write, y’all. I had great, wonderful plans for this little slice of the internet, but as the memes say, life comes at you fast.

Over the last couple of years, I was laid off and decided to go back to school. I just started my final semester of classes at Mercer University. I’ll finish up student teaching in the fall and if all goes as planned, I’ll graduate with a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades Social Studies and Language Arts in December (ceremonially in May 2018). It’s quite a change from what I pursued in my undergrad (music management and public relations), but history education has been something I’ve considered off and on since before I started college roughly 100 years ago. In fact, I was a history major when I started college.

ANYWAY, I decided to travel down a different path and I’m beyond excited about it. Of course, I’m still enthusiastically OBSESSED with music. I don’t think that passion will ever go away (praise hands emoji), so definitely find me on Spotify.

It’s been real y’all. – Wholly Roller